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Carthouse is an ultraverse town with a variety of homes, each unique in its own way.

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Celebrating traders

Say hello to Carthouse City, a collection of 50 unique homes (to start) represented as NFTs on Ethereum (and a bit of Polygon), which will be distributed to voters, traders, and the crypto community at large. We look forward to each of them finding a home, and to Carthouse City growing and uniting our incredible community.

NFTs  Carthouse
NFTs  Carthouse

Pricing Plan and Supply

A maximum of 1 000 Carthouse will be created (not including legendary and rare buildings like the town hall, parks, coffee shop...)! Each Carthouse is unique 1/1. The price of new drops will always be equal to or higher than the last drop on the primary market. Prices increase by at least 10% with each new house style. However, the price of a style is fixed regardless of the mood.

Unique buildings

One of the most expensive buildings is, of course, Town Hall. Not only do you own the town hall, but you also have advantages and responsibilities. On the Discord you will have the role (a proof will be asked by the creator or the role will be given by the former mayor directly). So you will have the possibility :

  • 👉 Suggest and discuss with the creator to improve the city (and discuss the price of each building: house, park...)
  • 💡 Propose your future ideas. It is with me that you will exchange to make evolve the city of Carthouse
  • 👀 An exclusive preview of the future buildings created and discussion of improvements/prices...

Mairie de Carthouse City
NFTs Carthouse


Each Carthouse is created one by one, manually and with love, by a French artist, Hugo.

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What is blockchain?

A blockchain is an ordered database (blocks contain transactions, writing operations in the chain, which are in a precise order), distributed on a network (typically the Internet), and which does not have a single manager. Today, different blockchains coexist.
Each machine, each node, carries the whole chain and destroying it would therefore require destroying tens of thousands of machines, managed by different people.
The blockchain is public: anyone can create a node overnight, which will automatically download and verify the chain, with all the data it contains.
Anyone can write to it (often for a fee) and these writings are signed and kept "eternally" in the chain, which is therefore a book of operations, containing the entire history.
The integrity of the chain is guaranteed by cryptography. Toute modification est détectable par toutes et tous. (Définition de Stéphane Bortzmeyer)

NFT ? Non-Fungible Token

The fungibility is defined as the ability of a good to be consumed by use and replaced by another good of the same nature, quality and quantity. Thus a 2 dollar coin is fungible, since it can be exchanged with another 2 dollar coin.
In contrast, an NFT is a digital token created on a blockchain that guarantees exclusive ownership of an asset with unique characteristics and therefore will not be worth another NFT.

Learn more about NFTs
What is the difference between a token and a file?

The token is a representation in the blockchain of the file. Thus, this file becomes "liquid" and can be exchanged for value (here crypto).

Where are these NFTs stored?

The NFTs are directly on the blockchain. Le fichier en lui-même en revanche n’est pas directement hébergé sur la blockchain. En général, le fichier est hébergé sur des systèmes de fichiers décentralisés comme IPFS.
These decentralized systems do not have a single point of failure unlike a traditional server that can fail. This ensures that the file is hosted over time. The NFT simply makes the link with this host and thus assigns an owner to the file.

Can a token be lost?

A token is lost if, and only if, the owner no longer has access to the wallet that holds the token. Indeed, in order to interact with a blockchain it is necessary to have a crypto-currency wallet.
There are many of them and it is thanks to them that one can manage the said crypto-currencies, but also other assets like NFTs.
The management of this portfolio is the responsibility of everyone. While this may seem restrictive, it must be understood that the creation of crypto-currencies is intended to make individuals sovereign over what they own.
This technology abolishes the notion of a trusted third party in order to avoid the risk of censorship or centralization of power. Unfortunately, the consequence is that if an individual loses access to his wallet, all assets linked to it will be lost.

How to buy an NFT ?

I suggest you read this article which explains very well how to do it:
Otherwise it's very simple you can pay by credit card but you will still need to create a wallet: I recommend MetaMask (easy and fast in use), tuto available by clicking on this text